Victorian Football


"Educated at Charterhouse School, C Wreford Brown was one of the best Footballers as well as Cricketers of his time. Subsequently he showed himself at Oxford to be one of the best halfbacks in the Country. As long ago as 1889 he was considered good enough to represent England against Ireland, and last March at Queen's Club he was quite the best of the halfbacks who did duty against Wales. Though he has not played as much first-class Football as could have been wished, he has always done splendid work for the Old Carthusians and the Corinthians, as well as occasionally for London. A halfback of many parts, he plays the game thoroughly. A sure kick with either foot, he is clever in stopping the opposite forwards. He passes out to his own with great judgement, and is always playing for his side, never to the gallery."

From Famous Footballers 1895-96.

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