Victorian Football


"Although now but twenty-three years of age, WC Athersmith has been playing Football for some eleven seasons. Representing first the Bloxwich Wanderers when only twelve, he was also identified with the Unity Gas Depot before joining Aston Villa in February, 1891. His connection with the Villa soon brought him preferment, as he took part in an International trial match a month later, besides representing the League against the Alliance in the same season. He got his first Cap for England for the Irish match at Belfast, in March 5th, 1892. Though this has so far been his only International under the auspices of the Football Association, he has represented the English League against the Scotch League in both the last two matches. With great pace, he is particularly smart, and as he middles well, is on his day a very dangerous player on the outside right. He stands 5ft 8 1/2in in height and weighs 11 stone."

From Famous Footballers 1895-96.

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