Victorian Football


"Until quite lately the Bambridge brotherhood played an active as well as a distinguished part in the history of the Association game. Five of them, commencing with WS, the eldest, were simultaneously doing good work in the development of Association football. Of the five, three at one time or another represented England, a circumstance of itself we should say unique. For some ten years, 'Charlie Bam' was in quite the forefront. When only seventeen he was doing duty for England, and at his best he had, it is no overpraise to say, no superior as a forward. As a halfback he was above the average, but it was as outside left that he did such brilliant service for England as well as for London, the Corinthians, the Swifts and other clubs for so long. Very fast, he had splendid command over the ball, middle with very great accuracy and judgement, and was, to crown all, a remarkable good shot at goal. At best there was no better outside left in the kingdom."

From Famous Footballers 1895-96.

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