Victorian Football


"Though just twenty-one, William Foulke, better known as 'Foulkes', has already made a high reputation among Association Footballers as a goal keeper. Born at Blackwell, a Colliery Village in Derbyshire he learned his Football with the local team. His consistently good play soon attracted the notice of the critics in Sheffield, and the Executive of the United FC were fortunate in being able to secure his services last year. So well did he acquit himself in their League matches for the United, that he was selected to represent Sheffield against London, a great compliment for a Footballer in his first year of public play. Though he has hardly been out long enough for International honours, he is already considered by good judges of the game to be in the very front rank of goal keepers. Powerfully built, he kicks and fists out with great force, and has all the qualifications for a great and brilliant career."

From Famous Footballers 1895-96.

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