Victorian Football


When the seminal 1905 Book of Football profiled Manchester United Football Club, the authors felt the need to add "(late Newton Heath)" after its name. That's because the club had only recently changed its name from Newton Heath to Manchester United, in 1902. This early Manchester United team line-up, from 1905-06, includes manager J Ernest Magnall, in bowler hat, top-scorer Jack Picken, next to Magnall, and captain Charlie Roberts, sitting with football. The photo was taken at the Bank Street ground. The club would not move to Old Trafford until 1910.

Manchester United finished as runners-up in the second division in 1905-06, and won promotion to the first division. The Book of Football profile had concluded: "Should the United get into the First League they will speedily become one of the richest and most powerful clubs in the competition."

Left to right: Top row: Downie, Moger, Bonthron; Middle row: Magnall (manager), Picken, Sagar, Blackstock, Peddie, Bacon (Trainer); Bottom row: Beddow, Roberts, Bell, Arkesden.

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